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우리듀오, 영원히 함께 걸어갑시다
24th-Apr-2013 04:58 am - LEE. YEON. HEE.

I blame it on Paradise Ranch! I've watched East of Eden and A Millionaire's First Love, but I never liked her as much as I like her rn. Yes, I think she's pretty but that's the end. BUT NOW. ASFSDGSDSD. A PART OF MY KOKORO BELONGS TO LEE YEONHEE.

I ship her with Changmin too. Deal with it. Don't blame me, blame Paradise Ranch. Hurhuuuuuuuuuur. /rolls away/
24th-Apr-2013 04:53 am - Paradise Ranch and feels Q___________
SOOOOOO I finished watching Paradise Ranch last monday.  And tbh, I'm still having withdrawals. D<  I should've watched it when it's still airing because I think that I'm not the only one who can't get over it.  I cried, laughed, been giddy, and of course, angry (at ahjussi >___>).

AND SOMETHING FUNNY HAPPENED WHEN I WAS WATCHING IT. LMAO. Since I don't like Seo Yoonho aka ~Ahjussi~, it seems that dramacrazy doesn't like him too. 8D Whenever his part is going to start or during his part, the video stops. Like, I had to refresh it for at least three times before it works again, lol.

And (again) that Ahjussi wasted 16 episodes. I bet he has more time than Changmin when it's combined. e_____e
The 2nd semester is going to end now and I'm still wondering if Journalism is really the one for me. When I tried the entrance exams of some universities here, my choice of courses are different from each university. I had Speech Pathology, Philosophy, Political Science and Legal Management. See, no Journalism. I had the goal that I'm going to take Legal management or any pre-law course. :| (But Journalism can be a pre-law course lol)

Mom was the one who told me to chose Journalism because her best friend's son is going to enter the same university with Journalism. And I was panicking during that time so :s

I've been a part of the school paper since Grade school. And now, thinking about it, Journalism = writing forever. OTL. I hope that after a few years this thought will be changed asdasdfasdas
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